Faculty: Create/Manage Echo360 Schedules and Recordings

Echo360 Sections are Created Automatically

Echo360 sections are automatically created for all Banner courses and sections. Section creation for future semesters begins soon after courses are created in Canvas: early February for summer and fall courses, and early September for spring courses. Sections will be created in Echo360 the morning after they are entered in ARIESweb.

Create and Manage Your Recording Schedules in Echo360-Enabled Classrooms

Starting in Spring, 2021, recording schedules are no longer automatically created. Please follow these steps to create your recording schedule:

  1. View Echo360-Enabled Lecture Capture Classrooms for a list of rooms that can record in Echo360. These rooms have a camera, audio and screen capture into a Pod type device for recording, and uploading to the Echo360 cloud.
  2. Make arrangements with your department to get physical access to your regularly assigned classroom, or book another room.
  3. Review PDF: Create/Manage Echo360 Recording Schedules.
  4. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Create/Manage Echo360 Recording Schedules.
    1. Click Display Courses and Sections.
    2. Change No Scheduled Recordings to your Echo360-enabled classroom for each section you want to schedule.
    3. Add a note to the Other Instructions box if you want to increase recording start or stop times for a specified class up to 5 minutes before/after the official class start/end times.
      • For example, if the class is officially scheduled from 10:00 a.m. to 10:50 a.m., you could request to record from 9:55 a.m. to 10:55 a.m.
    4. Click Submit Request.

Combine Recording Schedules of Echo360 Sections

If you are teaching a hybrid course with sections that alternate between online and in-class days, you can request combining the schedules of the sections into a parent section.

  1. Create the recording schedules in the child sections using Menu > Recording Requests > Create/Manage Echo360 Recording Schedules.
  2. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Combine Recording Schedules of Echo360 Sections.
  3. Select the semester.
  4. Select the parent section. (This often corresponds with the parent section in Canvas, which includes one or more cross-listed child sections.)
  5. Select one or more child sections which have scheduled recordings.
  6. Click Combine Sections.
  7. Link the Echo360 parent section in the Echo360 tab of the Canvas parent section. See Link Echo360 Section to Canvas.

Reuse Recordings from Previous Semesters

You can copy Echo360 video recordings and presentations from previous semesters or your library to edit and reuse in current semester sections.

Request a Special Recording

For makeup lectures, special recordings, special guest events, etc.

  1. Review PDF: Request a Special Recording
  2. Schedule the classroom ahead of time through ARIESweb. If you need assistance with scheduling, in the Description box enter "Schedule for me as available." We can help you schedule. Do indicate preferred days, and times you are available.
  3. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Request a Special Recording.
  4. Fill out the form. Be clear about days and times, including specific dates, or remainder of the semester on specific dates.
  5. Click Submit Request.

Remove a Scheduled Recording

Cancel individual recordings for specific dates, due to exams, travel, sick days, or any time you wish to cancel class, to avoid confusing your students with empty recordings.

  1. Review PDF: Remove a Scheduled Recording
  2. Request Special Recordings or Cancel Individual Echo360 Recordings
  3. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Remove a Scheduled Recording.
  4. Fill out form and indicate all dates and times.
  5. Submit the Cancellation Request ASAP.
    Echo360 staff will manually remove the recording(s) for the specified date(s) as soon as they can. Please allow 48 hours if possible.

Remove Scheduled Recordings for the Entire Semester

If you will only use Echo360 Universal Capture at your home or office, or do not want to be recorded,

  1. Review PDF: Remove Recording Schedules for Entire Semester
  2. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Remove Recording Schedules for Entire Semester.
  3. Check the Remove Schedule checkbox in any scheduled section(s) that you do not want recorded.
    (Scheduled sections have a Scheduled link in the column Schedule Recordings in Echo360 Classroom.)
  4. Submit the request.
    The schedules will be removed immediately.

Remove Videos

To request deletion of videos,

  1. Select Menu > Recording Requests > Remove Videos.
  2. Select a section.
  3. Select one or more videos or presentations.
  4. Enter a reason, e.g. class was not taught, so the video was blank. Note that Echo360 content is owned by the university and is normally retained for at least a year.
  5. Click Submit Request.
    Echo360 staff will manually remove the item(s) as soon as they can. Please allow 48 hours.

Recording schedules for semester classes will end on the Friday before Finals week.